Shapes of the Earth Collection Now Available

A new collection of map art is now available on the Windrose Maps store.
Our “Shapes of the Earth” collection features a series of maps projected in different shapes.
To create flat maps of the round Earth, we must unwrap the globe. The calculations used to unravel elipsoids are called “projections”. We utilized unique projections to create map art that will start conversations in your home.

The shaded relief designs showcase the height of mountains around the world, as the hills appear to pop off the print. The depths of the oceans are accentuated by hypsometric color palettes, where light shades highlight the luster of shallow waters and darker shades mimic the deep areas of the oceans.
Shapes of the Earth map art collection by Windrose Maps
Choose from three color palettes to match the art to your home decor. Create a gallery wall of multiple designs to display a unique take on world maps.